We Heart GSW!

Lets not be hasty the Golden St. Warriors are years away from an championship talk. Of course Stephen Curry is there,  and he will get the majority of the spotlight but Stephen Jackson, Anthony Randolph, and the nicely paid($11million!!) Monta Ellis are having a blast resting on defense and shooting as soon as possible. The arrival of Acie Law and Speedy Claxton do nothing more than make Monta nervous about minutes. But we here at the Truth Sports cant wait to see the Warriors in action.

Better NBA team following free agent signings??

Explode the Rockets!!!

exploding Houstpn rocket frameThe news on Monday that Houston Rockets All-Star center Yao Ming may miss not only the season but never play again comes as a devestating clothesline to the Rockets organization. The Rockets had finally gotten out of the first round of the Playoffs this year, and only needed to re-sign Ron Artest and any NBA center to sew up loose ends. But the Yao injury coupled with the uncertaintiy of Tracy McGrady have left the Rockets with an uneasy feeling. Daryl Morey has been making moves all year. Tracy McGrady is steadily shopped to other teams and the Rockets essentially paid for three picks during the Draft. But is Daryl ready to make the decision he dares to make, and that is to EXPLODE THE ROCKETS! Call it a fire-sale to the rest of the league. Everyone but Luis Scola is available. I exclude Scola because he is the only player that the Rockets should keep. Scola is a rare player, wether starting or coming off the bench he brings a skill set unlike other forwards. Aaron Brooks is still 3 years away from fully carryoing a team, if that is even possible. Shane Battier is a ROLE player, and without Tracy or Yao to complement he is useless. Corner threes and diving for loose balls can only go so far. Brent Barry, Kyle Lowry, Chuck Hayes, and Brian Cook can all start preparing to move. Signing Artest only to trade him even signs like a good move at this junction.

The Rockets gambled on Mutumbo last year, and he returned only to play three games and to get hurt in the last one. Yao has not had a true back-up in years. The constant pressure on Yaos massive and fragile feet has led to this unfortunate moment. Daryl Morey showed up at Marin Gortats home today in Orlando in the hopes of signing the free agent. If the Rockets feel that Marcin Gortat is what the Rockets need, then they are more delusional than anyone could imagine. I’m sure Daryl Morey will make the right decisions when the time comes but the last 5 years have gone out the window. The two people the Rockets have been building the team around are injured. The upside to this depressing moment for Rockets fans is that both Yao and T-Mac are free agents next year. The Rockets seem headed to the lottery without the two, but a top three draft pick plus a key 2010 free-agent could right the ship in one season.

LeBron is Hater-Proof!

Lebron James

LeBron James is referred to as the King, we are all so-called witnesses to his greatness. These claims would overwhelm any ordinary human but LeBron has in fact lived up to the billing of being the best NBA player on the planet. This season he was awarded the MVP and Jerry West(the logo) stated that LeBron had become the best all-around player in the league. All of this and he is barely 24. The critics of LeBron, which surprisingly spring up out of nowhere following his defeats, have been licking their chops at not only LeBron and the Cavaliers losing to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals but also his lack of a “sportsmanship following the lost in Game6. The right thing to do would have been to congratulate the Magic on their victory and talk to the media about “next season”, but LeBron let us witness his human side. The news about LeBron not shaking Dwight Howards hand has overshadowed the Magics victory completely. Even worse is the claim that LeBron is less of a player because he alone could not get his team to the Finals. He is “ONE” person, it takes a team, and his team was worse than the Washington Generals…. The debate about who is better LeBron or Kobe is a unfair comparison based on the six year age difference between the two. LeBron was barely in the 5th grade when Kobe was drafted into the leauge. If we compare LeBrons stats from this year and when Kobe was 24, Kobe average one more point and one more steal than Lebron. The Lakers with Shaq at the time finished 5th in the West and didnt make the Finals. Of course by that time Kobe already had three rings but LeBron has yet to have a teammate anywhere near the impact of Shaquille O’Neal. Whatever LeBron decides to do in the when free-agency strikes just be prepared for every record that has stood since Oscar Robertson days to come crashing down. We at The Truth Sports would like to congratulate LeBron on an amazing season and look forward to his reign as King for years to come!

NBA Finals Lakers-Magic Preview!

NBA Finals 2009

Los Angeles Lakers

The Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers sqaure off in the 2009 NBA Finals. Not exactly the Finals anyone thought they would see. The Los Angeles Lakers return to the Finals after losing last season to the Boston Celtics. The Orlando Magic haven’t been to the Finals since being swept in 95′ by the Houston Rockets. The city of Orlando had to be the ONLYpeople that could have fathomed this outcome. But the Orlando Magic are quite worthy of representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. The Magic finished the season with the fourth best record, and during the postseason eliminated two of the teams that had better records, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. The defeat of the Boston Celtics in Game7 in Boston was a huge moment in Orlando Magic history. The Cavaliers never had a chance, too little and too much Dwight Howard spelled disaster. The only team left with a better record is the Los Angeles Lakers, who the Magic swept this season for the first time in franchise history. In both games Jameer Nelson was the leading scorer for the Magic, Dwight Howard had double-doubles in both games. Kobe Bryant had a triple-double in their first meeting and 41 points in the second game. The Magic are definitely the underdogs in the series but their recent play would say otherwise. The Lakers orlando magicbeta the Utah jazz in six games, then were put on the brink of elimination by Houston Rockets. The Rockets series taught the Lakers a lesson they carried into the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, close out teams when you have a chance. That’s just what the Lakers did in Game6 in Denver, crushing the Nuggets the entire game en route to the NBA Finals. The live by the 3, die by the 3 nature of Orlando could be its downfall in this series. Dwight Howard should have his way in the post, but Hedo Turkoglu, and Rashard Lewis will have to continue their excellent play to win in LA and steal home-court. The Magic bench will be a liability in this series, Anthony Johnson, and Gortat, are no match for Jordan Farmer, Odom, and Shannon Brown. The Lakers have lost their last two Finals appearances, losing in six to the Detroit Pistons, and to Boston. Phil Jackson wants that 10th championship putting him pass the late Red Aurbach for most championships. Kobe Bryant would love to erase the statement, “You only have 3 Rings because of Shaq”. This series is the Lakers to lose, but Orlando has accomplished more so far this postseason than anyone could have imagined. On Thursday we will see which team wants it more.

Kobe-Lebron Nike Ads!

This is our favorite so far…sure hope they meet in the Finals…