5 Reasons Why Josh Smith SHOULD NOT Try An Under the Leg Dunk in the Playoffs!!

5 Reasons why Josh Smith should not try an under the leg dunk in the playoffs!

Heat Hawks Basketball 

5.  Its the fisrt round of the Playoffs, and if you remeber you guys lost in seven games last year. This series looks like its headed that same direction. The Finals on the road, and up two games with 2 minutes left…by all means go for it.

4. You could miss it.Your team was up double digits at the time, but bringing down the field goal % and not adding to the blowout matters. A simple Statue of Liberty dunk would have sufficed.

3. Basketball Robot #3 aka Dwayne Wade plays for the other team.Upsetting Basketball Robot #3 could be disastrous for your team. Dwayne Wade saw you attempt it, and he doesn’t like losing. Heading back to Miami look for Dwayne Wade to explode in Game 6.

2.Heading back to Miami. You have to go to Miami  where they are “Back in Black”(Big Ups AC/DC) and win the series. Nothing gets a team more determined then one with its back against the wall.

1.Did I mention Dwanye Wade aka Basketball Robot #3 plays for the other team. The defense for the Atlanta Hawks is going to have to be superb on Friday. The Miami Heat could have returned home downtrodden from a physical lost to the Hawks in Game 5, but now they have an image to drive them…Josh Smith trying to show them up


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