A-Rod on allegations: ‘I’m not going there’

Alex Rodriguez has become the scariest baseball player ever. Of course the pretty boy always had a large ego and pretty narcissistic, but the talk from Selena Roberts new book has Rodriguez as possibly evil. Taking steriods in High School, paying folks to take his SATs, and tipping off pitches to batters, all seem insane for a sport god like A-Rod. The exposing of his steriod usage during his Texas Rangers days was the first sign that A-Rod wasn’t what we thought him to be. The wholesome fresh faced kid from Florida who seemed to be the second coming of Ken Griffey Jr, had fooled us all. A-Rod has quite a bit of image resurrecting ahead of him. Can we ever trust any ball player again? The moment they begin to hit home runs at a consistent rate, how can we be sure its not drug related. The fact that Major League Baseball essentially turn a blind eye to his steriod use at the time, simply showed us they are about the dollars and not the rules. The highest paid player in baseball history, the future home run king*, is a cheat. How can baseball justify having any records when the large majority of record breakers over the last 10 years have all been linked to steriods. It almost feels as if MLB has to start over records-wise, or at least scrap the 80’s and 90’s records. Alex Rodiriguez is not alone when it comes to cheats, its just he is the most paid and popular of them all.


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