NOT the Greatest Series Ever..why..No KG!

Bulls Celtics BasketballA lot of talk coming out of the Eastern  Conference first round series between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls was that it was the greatest playoff series ever. The absence of Kevin Garnett aside from a fly suit and diamond earrings keeps me from agreeing with the majority. Not having the Defensive Player of the Year on the court completely changes the Celtics. Their record and aura came from a stifiling and focused defense. No KG and they are totally diffrent. The lost of Leon Powe adds even more to the departure of their mystique. The series was hard fought by both teams, but it was only dramatic due to the overtimes and Rondo smacking and throwing elbows. The Chicago Bulls are young and had nothing to lose, but would have been gravely outmatched had KG been there. The series will be easily forgotten if the Houston-Lakers series goes 7, or if Cleveland and the Lakers meet in the Finals and that goes seven. So relax, enjoy good basketball and dont rush to give every 7 game  series the greatest ever title.


2 responses to “NOT the Greatest Series Ever..why..No KG!

  1. The series would have played out a lot differently (if not SOONER) had KG been on the court. But even if the Houston – Laker series goes 7 rounds it will not get as much attention as the Boston – Bull series. Why? Because Houston has never gotten any love – even when we won back to back championships we were still looked over. Couldn’t even get a nationwide SI cover! Why is that?? What must we do to get love????

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