LeBron is Hater-Proof!

Lebron James

LeBron James is referred to as the King, we are all so-called witnesses to his greatness. These claims would overwhelm any ordinary human but LeBron has in fact lived up to the billing of being the best NBA player on the planet. This season he was awarded the MVP and Jerry West(the logo) stated that LeBron had become the best all-around player in the league. All of this and he is barely 24. The critics of LeBron, which surprisingly spring up out of nowhere following his defeats, have been licking their chops at not only LeBron and the Cavaliers losing to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals but also his lack of a “sportsmanship following the lost in Game6. The right thing to do would have been to congratulate the Magic on their victory and talk to the media about “next season”, but LeBron let us witness his human side. The news about LeBron not shaking Dwight Howards hand has overshadowed the Magics victory completely. Even worse is the claim that LeBron is less of a player because he alone could not get his team to the Finals. He is “ONE” person, it takes a team, and his team was worse than the Washington Generals…. The debate about who is better LeBron or Kobe is a unfair comparison based on the six year age difference between the two. LeBron was barely in the 5th grade when Kobe was drafted into the leauge. If we compare LeBrons stats from this year and when Kobe was 24, Kobe average one more point and one more steal than Lebron. The Lakers with Shaq at the time finished 5th in the West and didnt make the Finals. Of course by that time Kobe already had three rings but LeBron has yet to have a teammate anywhere near the impact of Shaquille O’Neal. Whatever LeBron decides to do in the when free-agency strikes just be prepared for every record that has stood since Oscar Robertson days to come crashing down. We at The Truth Sports would like to congratulate LeBron on an amazing season and look forward to his reign as King for years to come!


One response to “LeBron is Hater-Proof!

  1. Worse than the Washington Generals- ha! That’s good! http://talkingtrashandthensome.wordpress.com/

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