The Truth Sports is not affiliated with any professional or collegiate sports organization, including, but not limited, to the MLB, NBA, NCAA, or NFL. All opinions are that of the writer and may not be the opinions of The Truth Sports Blog as a whole or of any of the listed organizations.


All images used are done so strictly for non-profit purposes and are found courtesy of Google Image Search and are hosted locally. If the original owner of any images found on this site does not feel properly credited or would like the image removed, please leave a comment on the corresponding post and we will happily negoatiate an alternate agreement or remove the image completely.

In addition, all images used on or after April 29, 2009 and are not an original production of a team member of this site will still be hosted locally but will now also be linked to the original image found using Google Image Search.  This is part of a continual effort to credit all sources as much as possible.





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