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Worst Flagrent in Game2??

NOT the Greatest Series Ever..why..No KG!

Bulls Celtics BasketballA lot of talk coming out of the Eastern  Conference first round series between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls was that it was the greatest playoff series ever. The absence of Kevin Garnett aside from a fly suit and diamond earrings keeps me from agreeing with the majority. Not having the Defensive Player of the Year on the court completely changes the Celtics. Their record and aura came from a stifiling and focused defense. No KG and they are totally diffrent. The lost of Leon Powe adds even more to the departure of their mystique. The series was hard fought by both teams, but it was only dramatic due to the overtimes and Rondo smacking and throwing elbows. The Chicago Bulls are young and had nothing to lose, but would have been gravely outmatched had KG been there. The series will be easily forgotten if the Houston-Lakers series goes 7, or if Cleveland and the Lakers meet in the Finals and that goes seven. So relax, enjoy good basketball and dont rush to give every 7 game  series the greatest ever title.

Will Kevin Garnett play in Game 7?

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So whats a Flagrant foul???

Rondo commits a foul??? or a flagrant on Brad Miller in Game 5.

The NBA on Wednesday made a shocking decision. The decision to suspend one player who threw an elbow and one who threw a punch. The elbow was delivered by Dwight Howard in the first quarter of Game 5 in Orlando. The recipient was Samuel Dalambert who took the elbow pretty good.  The punch came from Rajan Rondo in the final seconds of Game 5 in Boston. The recipient of the punch was Brad Miller, and he didn’t take the punch as well. What turned out to be so shocking was that Howard was suspended from Game 6 in Philadelphia, while Rondo received no further punishment. The elbow from Howard was at the beginning of a game in which he had 24 points and 24 rebounds. Think if he had been thrown out right at that moment the momentum it would have given the 76ers. Instead Howard remained in the game to accidentally(this time) elbow his own teammate Courtney Lee, who will also miss game 6 with a fractured sinus. In many ways the Chicago Bulls are feeling the repercussions of being the 8thseed and up against the defending champs. With less than 5 seconds remaining, the Bulls passed the ball into Brad Miller who immediately attacked the basket. As he extended for the goal his face was met by Rondos paw, causing an airball and a whistle from the ref.  Miller had to stop the bleeding in his mouth before he attempted the potential game tying free throws. The look on Brad Millers face made it obvious he was a ball player and not a boxer. He stepped to the line and missed both free throws while obviously groggy. Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro didn’tagree with the call “Rondo didn’t come near the ball. He came right across his face. I agree that it is a hard playoff foul, but you still have to call it a flagrant and I’m sure that will be addressed,” Del Negro said afterward. Unfortunately for the Bulls the triple double averaging Rondo will be on the court come Game 6. The next player to be involved in any flagrant altercation will most certainly be suspended, if he doesnt play for the Boston Celtics.