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Better NBA team following free agent signings??


NBA Finals Lakers-Magic Preview!

NBA Finals 2009

Los Angeles Lakers

The Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers sqaure off in the 2009 NBA Finals. Not exactly the Finals anyone thought they would see. The Los Angeles Lakers return to the Finals after losing last season to the Boston Celtics. The Orlando Magic haven’t been to the Finals since being swept in 95′ by the Houston Rockets. The city of Orlando had to be the ONLYpeople that could have fathomed this outcome. But the Orlando Magic are quite worthy of representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. The Magic finished the season with the fourth best record, and during the postseason eliminated two of the teams that had better records, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. The defeat of the Boston Celtics in Game7 in Boston was a huge moment in Orlando Magic history. The Cavaliers never had a chance, too little and too much Dwight Howard spelled disaster. The only team left with a better record is the Los Angeles Lakers, who the Magic swept this season for the first time in franchise history. In both games Jameer Nelson was the leading scorer for the Magic, Dwight Howard had double-doubles in both games. Kobe Bryant had a triple-double in their first meeting and 41 points in the second game. The Magic are definitely the underdogs in the series but their recent play would say otherwise. The Lakers orlando magicbeta the Utah jazz in six games, then were put on the brink of elimination by Houston Rockets. The Rockets series taught the Lakers a lesson they carried into the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, close out teams when you have a chance. That’s just what the Lakers did in Game6 in Denver, crushing the Nuggets the entire game en route to the NBA Finals. The live by the 3, die by the 3 nature of Orlando could be its downfall in this series. Dwight Howard should have his way in the post, but Hedo Turkoglu, and Rashard Lewis will have to continue their excellent play to win in LA and steal home-court. The Magic bench will be a liability in this series, Anthony Johnson, and Gortat, are no match for Jordan Farmer, Odom, and Shannon Brown. The Lakers have lost their last two Finals appearances, losing in six to the Detroit Pistons, and to Boston. Phil Jackson wants that 10th championship putting him pass the late Red Aurbach for most championships. Kobe Bryant would love to erase the statement, “You only have 3 Rings because of Shaq”. This series is the Lakers to lose, but Orlando has accomplished more so far this postseason than anyone could have imagined. On Thursday we will see which team wants it more.

Kobe Vs. Lebron


The so called “Great Debate” rages on, as the world chooses who is a better player Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. We at The Truth Sports will let the numbers be the guide!

*Note LeBron is six years younger then Kobe.


Kobe Bryant


LeBron James

Lower Merion (Pa.)
High school
St. Vincent-St. Mary (Ohio)
NBA experience
13th overall, 1996
NBA draft
1st overall, 2003


Games played
26.8 (3)
Points (NBA rank)
28.4 (2)
5.2 (60)
Rebounds (rank)
7.6 (27)
4.9 (29)
Assists (rank)
7.2 (9)
1.46 (12)
Steals (rank)
1.69 (8)
46.7% (58)
Field-goal%. (rank)
48.9% (34)
35.1% (101)
Three-point FG%. (rank)
34.4% (109)
Minutes (rank)
37.7 (13)
7 (79)
Double-doubles (rank)
6.3 (4)
Fourth-quarter points (rank)
6.9 (2)
Team record


NBA Finals appearances
3 (2000-03)
NBA titles
MVP (2008), All-NBA first team (2002-04, 2006-09), All-Defensive team (2000, 2003-04, 2006-09)
MVP(2009)Rookie of the year (2004), All-NBA first team (2006, 2008, 2009)All-Defensive team(09)
All-Star appearances
Olympic gold medal
Total Triple Doubles

Better NBA Finals?

LA Lakers-Denver Nuggets Preview

Nuggets-Lakers PreviewAfter a six day rest the Denver Nuggets prepare to fly to Los Angeles and take on the Lakers in Game1 of the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday. The Nuggets were a bump in the road of the Lakers march to the Finals last season, losing in the first round. But this years Nuggets is a far cry from the team the Lakers saw last season. The addition of playoff veteran Chancey Billups and uber hype man Chris “Birdman” Anderson have changed the demeanor of the team. The Nuggets have steam-rolled through the playoffs, embarrassing the New Orleans Hornets and over playing the Dallas Mavericks. The Nuggets are the the most impressive team this post-season next to the Cleveland Cavaliers who have yet to lose. The Los Angeles Lakers enter this series unsure of who they are.  After losing big leads in Round1 to the  Utah Jazz, it appeared the mighty Lakers had chinks in their armor. In Round2 the Houston Rockets put a serious dent in that armor pushing the Lakers to the brink of elimination, without Tracy McGrady or Yao Ming. Kobe Bryant said on Sunday following their Game7 victory over the Houston Rockets “We are bipolar”. The Lakers clearly showed a tendency to play at a higher more determined level at home. This would be a problem if they didn’t posses home-court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs. But their “bipolar tendencies” will come back to bite them come Tuesday when the Nuggets roll into town. Chauncey Billups is the key that Denver has needed for years and has the Nuggets poised to make it to beyond this match up. The key for the Lakerswill be using their length to their advantage once again. Andrew Bynums howed up in the playoffs for the first time in Game7, Sunday with 14 points on 6-7 shooting, and Pau Gasol was huge with 21 points and 18 boards.The Nuggets are a much smaller team, but can match the Lakers offensively. Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony in the Western Conference Finals is a must-see, but they will be out shined by the performance of Billups, super sixth-man JR Smith, and the post players of the Lakers. This series looks to go the distance with the winner being bruised and exhausted at the end.

Worst Flagrent in Game2??

Lets Get Physical!!!

Rockets Lakers Basketball

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles the Western Conference Semifinals got physical. Playoff physical. The Lakers suffered a tough lost on Monday, and questions about their toughness arose again, just like in the Finals against Boston last year. Well Kobe Bryant wasn’t going to let his team go down 0-2. Kobe finished with 40 points on 16-27 shooting, but his outstanding play was overshadowed by a barrage of technicals, flagrents, and two ejections. The game got a little chippy following a nasty rejection by Lamar Odom of Luis Scola. The two exchanged words, but the refs(namely Joey Crawford) let the talking continue. On the next trip down Odom was fouled by Scola and the techs started to flow, Scola , Luke Walton, and Odom were all hit with technicals with seconds left in the third quarter. Moments later Derek Fisher anticipating a screen from Scola, applied a football like move sending Scola flying back, and sending Fisher to the showers. With 7:00 minutes remaining in the 4th, Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant fought for a rebound when Kobe threw a quick elbow hitting Artest in the throat. Artest amazingly was whistled for the foul. You could immediately tell Artest was not gonna let this one slide,”I knew I was going to get a technical foul. The point was to let the refs know this guy was elbowing me,” he said. “I know I went over there with no punches, no shoves to the face, just a confrontation. I told him, ‘You’re hitting the wrong person. Don’t you know you’re hitting Ron Artest?’ I’m not retaliating, I’m done with that.” Artest got in Kobes face following the call and was hit with the fastest two techs ever seen, although one technical for Ron Artest counts as two. Ron Artest showed great composure for a person that is labeled as having a short fuse. The NBA VP of Violence Stu Jackson has tons of tape to review. Derek Fisher probably faces the worst punishment in a series that is a long way from being over. Game 3 is Friday in Houston, and look for the refs to take control of the physicality early on. In a series that drew blood in Game1 and double ejections in Game2, we  can only expect Game 3 to continue the level of physical play. But if the Lakers thought the path to the Finals was gonna be easy the Houston Rockets have shown in the first two games that its only going to get tougher from here.