Good Bye Bad Boys!

Embedded video from NBA Video

The Bad Boys are no more. With the sweep of the Pistons by the Cleveland Cavaliers we bid a fond farewell to the Bad Boys. In a way the Bad Boys had left a long time ago. Their exit in the Eastern Conference Finals last season seemed like a goodbye in some way. The signing of Kwame Brown was cause for some concern.. The end is mostly associated to the trade of Chauncey Biillups for Allen Iverson. The key to machine, the floor general was traded for a “me-first” player who in many ways is a Bad Boy but without leadership can become a problem. Joe Dumars has a team that has lost its identity with a young coach and a city in economic turmoil. The number of Cavs fan in the season finale on Sunday was a key sign of the times in Detriot. The Bad Boys will return. The future lies on the square shoulders of Tayshaun Prince who had the worst playoff series stats-wise in his career. Rip Hamilton and the much calmer Rasheed Wallace are unable to carry any longer. With a key free agent and the maturation of Aaron Afalo and Jason Maxiel the Bad Boys can rise from the ashes. Unfortunately the East is rapidly becoming stronger with the Cavs, Nets, Bulls, Magic, all young and grasping for the top spot in the East. Bad Boys you will be missed.


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